There is no way you could have followed Finnish music during the past 20 years and not heard of Paula Vesala. Her band PMMP was active in 2002–2013 and became more than a phenomenon, a generational experience the likes of which are rarely seen. After Vesala, her co-vocalist Mira Luoti and composer Jori Sjöroos had achieved practically everything that is possible in the Finnish pop scene, it was time to try something else. Paula’s solo career under the name Vesala took of fabulously in 2015, as the self-titled debut album won three Emma Awards at the following year’s gala. Vesala has also composed and written songs for many other stars, such as Kaija Koo, Jenni Vartiainen, Antti Tuisku, and Katri Helena, as well as invested in an acting career. Now it is time for her to return to Oulu and show what a world-class pop act is all about!