Qstock 2022 ticket sale is on!


89 €



94 €


2 days

139 €



184 €



204 €


VIP 2 days

304 €


Tickets will not be available for lower than current prices at any point.

Ticketmaster Finland is the only ticket sales service provider for Qstock Festival. Please purchase your ticket only from the official vendor through Ticketmaster ticketing channels. Read more about the processing and delivery fees at the Ticketmaster Finland website (http://www.ticketmaster.fi). You can contact Ticketmaster Finland with any questions concerning the sales.

Prices include €4.00 service fees.

Per order delivery fees may apply and will vary depending on selected delivery method (eTicket free of charge). More

A handling fee of €1.50 applies.

Ticket sales at the gate will be opened if any advance tickets are left unsold.

Common thoughts on tickets

🔹 All tickets has to be switched to a wristband.

Wristband exchange points are located during the festival week in the city center of Oulu and next to Main Gates during the festival week. We well announce more details in the beginning of July.

🔹 Ticket will be electronically read and verified when exchanged to a wristband. 

🔹 Qstock or Ticketmaster cannot be held responsible of damaged tickets or wristbands.

🔹 If you need further advice regarding tickets, please kindly navigate to the site of our official ticket vendor Ticketmaster. They are happy to help:

Ticketmaster customer service

🔹Prices include €4.00 service fees.

Per order delivery fees may apply and will vary depending on selected delivery method (eTicket free of charge). More

A handling fee of €1.50 applies.

🔹 Covid-19 pandemic causes changes in laws and regulations. Qstock Oy is committed to follow the instructions, regulations and laws necessary in order to arrange the festival safely. By purchasing the ticket, customer commits to same arrangements; such as to present EU covid certificate if applicable. Qstock Oy or Ticketmaster Suomi Oy is not responsible to make any money transfers back if customer cannot present a valid certificate while entering the festival venue.

Refund for saturday tickets

Limp Bizkit (US) are cancelling their entire European tour because of health problems from which lead vocalist Fred Durst is suffering. The group were supposed to be the Saturday headliner art Qstock festival.

People holding a Saturday ticket for Qstock have the possibility to return the ticket and get a refund. Saturday tickets can be returned to Ticketmaster until 11.59 p.m. on Sunday 24 July. The returned tickets will be released for re-sale on Ticketmaster ticketing channels on Monday 25 July at 9 a.m.

Refund form.

Why not VIP!?


VIP-tickets are available for private AND company usage.


Changes may occur!

🔹 One or two-day entrance to Qstock 2022 festival,

🔹 entrance to VIP-areas located in close vicinity of Main Stage and Kaleva Stage (K-18),

🔹 better view from the lifted platform of VIP-area,

🔹 separate VIP-ticket exchanging point where VIP-credentials can be collected,

🔹 separate VIP entrance to the festival venue,

🔹 separate VIP-cloakroom,

🔹 separate VIP-dining area,

🔹 broaden drink selection in VIP-restaurant areas (K-18).


Please note when planning to use VIP-ticket:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old. You will have to present an valid ID when changing the ticket to VIP-credentials in accreditation point.
  • VIP-ticket needs to be switched to VIP-credentials in accreditation point.
  • Accreditation points are open during the festival week in Oulu City Center and in close vicinity of the festival venue. Locations and opening times will be announced in this page closer to the festival.
  • We will send an information letter couple of weeks before the festival via email to everyone who bought their ticket via Ticketmaster.

Please Note! VIP-ticket does not give allocation to food or drinks available. If you wish, you can buy food and drink tickets in advantage. Please contact myynti @ qstock.fi if you wish to do so. Food and drink tickets will speed up the purchase process while in venue.

Purchasing limits and usage of tickets

Purchasing limit: 10 tickets / customer


Paying with culture vouchers

Smartum exercise and culture vouchers, Smartum credit card plus Tyky-Kuntoseteli+ vouchers (for culture) as well as Edenred Virikeseteli vouchers are all applicable as payment at Ticketmaster Finland outlets, depending on the individual outlet. The event organiser cannot influence which outlets accept which voucher.

Age limits

There is no age limit for attending the Qstock festival. Qstock recommends attendees under 16-year-olds to attend the festival in the company of an adult.

Under 10-year-olds (born on 31 July 2012 or later) can access the festival for free. Under 10-year-olds are guaranteed a free wristband in the company of an adult who has purchased a ticket. A maximum of two children under 10 are allowed to enter the festival area in the company of an adult who has a ticket. Free wristbands can be collected from the wristband exchange point next to the main festival gates. Age must be verified.

Assistant wristbands for people with mobility impairments

If you need an assistant because of your disability, they can acquire their free wristband from the wristband exchange tent near the festival’s main gates. The assistant must be accompanied by the assisted person who already holds a ticket. 

The need for an assistant must be verified with an official document stating a permanent need for assistance. Such documents include: 

  • EU Disability Card marked with the symbol ‘A’ (EU Disability Card is only available in 8 out of 27 EU-states: Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Malta, Romania and Slovenia).
  • Medical certificate 
  • Membership card for the Finnish Fed­er­a­tion of the Visually Impaired (more than 65 per cent degree of disability) 
  • Medical certificate stating that the degree of visual impairment is more than 65 per cent 

We cannot estimate or determine any diagnoses or the need for an assistant at the wristband exchange – therefore it is advisable to obtain a certificate beforehand. 


The wristband exchange serves our customers during the festival on 29 and 30 July 2022. 

Only one assistant per assisted person is entitled to a free wristband. The assisted person must have a Qstock ticket or a wristband already exchanged. 

Enemmän Elämää! -packages for retired persons

Retired people can attend the festival through the Enemmän Elämää! ticket package. Now for sale in Liikuntakeskus Hukka address: Isokatu 99

SOLD OUT! Osuuskauppa Arina offers owners discount for limited time


Osuuskauppa Arina offers Qstock tickets purchased at Prisma stores in Oulu, Kempele, Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi with an S co-opmembership card for special discounted price from 119 €.

A limited number of discount tickets are available from 30 November until the amount is sold out.

Buying a ticket does not increase owner’s bonus.


You are warmly welcome!

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Note! All rights reserved. Bear in mind that parts of the festival program will be performed in venues with restricted capacity.

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Qstock takes place in Kuusisaari and Raatti area in Oulu on 29 and 30 July 2022. Qstock has been sold out for eight times in a row, and the event is established as one of the biggest festivals in Finland. Festival gathers a record-breaking attendance of 40,000 people over two days.