Festival area opening hours

Fri 29 July 12.30 p.m. – 01.00 a.m.

Sat 30 July 11.30 a.m. – 01.00 a.m.


Festival area address: Raatintie 4, 90100 Oulu


When you arrive at the Qstock festival, you will come to our cloakroom and wristband exchange tent before the main gates. Please note that you cannot leave any bicycles or electic scooters near the gates – only at the bike parking zone in Lammassaari. You can enter through the Main Gate and the Pikisilta Bridge gate only with a wristband. After this you will be subjected to an entrance security check. You can help prevent the build-up of queues for example by exchanging your ticket for a wristband in advance, by arriving early and by leaving any forbidden items at home or in the cloakroom. Should you get stuck in a queue for a while despite these precautions, please remember to maintain a positive festival mood.


You can enter the festival area with a Qstock wristband. You can leave and re-enter the area during the same day wearing your unbroken wristband. You can exchange your ticket for Friday, Saturday or both days for a wristband in advance during the Qstock week starting on Tuesday (26–30 July 2022) at several exchange locations in Oulu city centre. All ticket types can be exchanged for wristbands also at our wristband tent next to the festival’s main entrance gate.

The exchange location for one- or two-day VIP tickets is at Restaurant Amarillo. VIP tickets will also be exchanged for a pass and wristband at the festival area check-in desk at Raatti. You can avoid unnecessary queuing at the festival area by exchanging your ticket in advance. For a list of wristband exchange locations and times, please see our Wristbands page. The page will open in mid-July.


Fri 29 July 11.30 a.m. – 01.30 a.m.

Sat 30 July 10.30 a.m. – 01.30 a.m.

This year our cloakroom is located in Linnansaari before the festival’s main gates. Before arriving at this point it is advisable to check the security instructions for what is allowed inside the festival area and what is not. The cloakroom fee is 4 € upon first entry and 4 € for every visit.

VIP Gate

Besides the main gates, our VIP customers have a special entrance. You can find this entrance by arriving via the south end (city end) of Raatti Swimming Pool. Our VIP customers also have a cloakroom of their own next to the check-in point leading to the VIP area. Please note the age limit for this area is 18.

Guest Check-in

The guest check-in is for the convenience of registered festival guests plus media and music industry representatives. You can collect your access pass or wristband by presenting an identification card. This year you can access the check-in through the city end of Raatti Swimming Pool, second floor. Please observe the signs for the correct route. Read more about the check-in opening hours e.g. on our Guests page.


Lost & Found

Lost & found items and things left in the cloakroom will be kept at the festival area until 1.30 a.m. Saturday night, after which they can be collected at lost & found service Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Löytötavarapalvelut in Oulu at Tehtaankatu 1, 90130 Oulu, tel. +358 600 550 094 (2€/min + local network charge).

If you leave things behind in the cloakroom on Friday, you can still ask for them there on Saturday. You can also consult the information desk for other items misplaced inside the festival area until they are transferred to Löytötavarapalvelut after Saturday night. All remaining lost items will be gathered in the area on Sunday and delivered to the lost & found company on Monday afternoon at the latest.

The lost & found company charges a fee for holding lost items, so please remember to collect your belongings at the cloakroom before leaving the area!

Lost & found opening hours during Qstock week:

Mon–Fri noon – 5 p.m. | Sat 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. | Sun 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Info Desk

Our info desk is located inside the festival area, near Kooma stage, on the way Kuusisaari. Here you can get information on everything concerning the festival: schedules, local transport, lost & found, etc. If you get caught in the rain or your ears hurt, you can purchase disposable raincoats or earplugs here. The info desk also sells drink and food vouchers. There is also VIP info for VIP customers at Raati VIP area.

Phone charging spot

Near info desk and Kooma stage there is an phone charging spot.


Wheelchair platforms

There are wheelchair platforms next to the engineering towers at the Main Stage, Kaleva Stage, Circus Tent and Rytmiranta Beach Stage. We have posted guiding signs to show you the correct route. There are many paved passageways in the area to facilitate moving from place to place.

Toilet Card

We acknowledge the IBD Toilet Card (Vessapassi in Finnish). The purpose of the card is to give people with intestinal disorders the opportunity to access the nearest toilet immediately. An IBD / Vessapassi sticker on the toilet door is a sign to other toilet users that a person with the card has an illness that requires rapid toilet use and therefore also the right to pass the queue.

Bar areas (Age limit 18)

Inside the festival area there are four separate Qstock bar areas: in the field between the Main Stage and the Kooma Stage, in the field between the Rytmiranta Beach Stage  and the Kaleva Stage, in the Circus Tent. Buying beverages in the bar areas works on a deposit basis. This means you can claim back the deposit after finishing your drink or change the can for a new one, in which case the deposit will be deducted from your next purchase. There is also separate deposit points in the bar areas. You can return a maximum of five cans at a time. This does not apply to water or soft drink (no deposit included in the price). During the festival you can leave your own alcoholic drinks at the cloakroom – bringing them inside the festival area is prohibited. You can also buy raincoats and earplugs inside the bar areas.

Payment methods

Please note that the festival accepts cards and mobile payments, cash is not accepted in the drinking areas. In Qstock’s drinking areas, the deposit for drinks will be returned directly to the debit card, which takes about two business days for the deposit to be returned.

Zero tolerance for harassment in the festival area – Please respect everyone’s private space and privacy!

If you feel that you have been disturbed or harassed, please contact the closest security officer immediately. The security has the right to intervene with the situation. Also the trained personnel at Acuutti Apu ry’s first aid tent is there for you, if you feel the need to talk to someone about a possible harassment case afterwards. However, the most important thing is to contact the staff as soon as possible after the incident, so that we can intervene.

Qstock traffic arrangements, construction and disassembly

The Qstock week closes the roads around Kuusisaari and the Raatti training field for the duration of the festival. There is a separate entrance route arranged for the residents and guests of Pikisaari residential area. These people can pass through the cycleway by the Raatti boat dock.

A lot of heavy machinery and vehicles will operate around the festival area and its vicinity during Qstock construction week from Fri 22 to Thu 28 July as well as on the disassembly days from Sun 31 July through Wed 3 August. The cycleway between Toivoniemi and Kuusisaari is closed between 11 a.m. on Mon 25 July and Monday 1 August. Signs will be posted well in advance to show the route via Merikoski bridges. Please exercise special caution when moving along the cycleways and roads during this time!