Main gate:

Fri 29 July 12.30 p.m. – 01.00 a.m.

Sat 30 July 11.30 a.m. – 01.00 a.m.

The Qstock festival area is located on Kuusisaari and Raatti islands in the near vicinity of Oulu city centre.

The exact address of the event area is Raatintie 4, 90100 Oulu.

Here are some options for approaching Qstock

By train or bus

People from out of town can easily and ecologically arrive in Oulu by train. The Oulu train and bus stations are located just a couple of kilometres from the festival area.

You can find national bus timetables on the Matkahuolto and pages, and the timetables for the Oulu regional buses can be accessed through the

By plane

Oulu Airport is located ca. 15 kilometres from Oulu city centre, with good public transport connections to the festival area. Both Finnair and Norwegian Airlines have several daily flights to Oulu on a regular basis.

By car or taxi

Qstock takes place close to the Oulu city centre, and this is why access by car right next to the festival area has not been made possible.

By bike, foot or electric scooter

In Lammassaari nearby the Qstock festival area there is a bicycle parking zone, where you can easily leave your bike or electric scooter. Remember that you store your bike there at your own risk.

By foot you can access the area most conveniently through the Oulu Market Square towards Linnansaari, or via the Merikoski bridges. You can also easily walk across the Pikisilta bridge joining Pikisaari and Raatinsaari islands together. Please note that you cannot leave your bike near the Pikisilta bridge – only at the Lammassaari bike parking zone!

Traffic arrangements

The Qstock week closes the roads around Kuusisaari and the Raatti training field for the duration of the festival. There is a separate entrance route arranged for the residents and guests of Pikisaari residential area. These people can pass through the cycleway by the Raatti boat dock.


The City of Oulu Tourist Information serves our visitors

If you need any help and information concerning transport in Oulu or accommodation, for example, Oulu Tourist Information will provide you with many kinds of advice or useful tips for your visit.

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