Limp Bizkit (US)

Nu-metal pioneers Limp Bizkit do not really need an introduction. Whether it is due to Fred Durst’s red baseball cap, the group’s versions of George Michael or The Who classics, the riots at Woodstock ’99 or the band’s countless major hits of their own, Limp Bizkit have always seen to it that they are known all over the globe. Formed in the mid-1990s in Jacksonville, Florida, the group mixed hip hop and groovy metal into a mixture that made them international superstars upon the release of their second album, Significant Other. Also, the group’s saucy frontman Fred Durst became one of the most hated and loved figures in the world of music. The poignant comments and provocative live performances together with direct hits, such as Nookie, Break Stuff, My Generation and Take A Look Around, left no one cold. As the legends bring their Still Sucks album tour to Oulu, they still maintain their reputation as a tight live act. See you at the mosh pit!